PNG Government Leaders’ Summit Deferred to Feb 27

The fifth and final Leaders’ Summit for the Government planned for yesterday and today has been deferred to February 27-28 due to lack of attendance by leaders.

Government Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari told reporters after the deferral that the summit would be held immediately before the next sitting of Parliament.

Mr Lupari said the meeting was pushed back after a number of provincial delegations had experienced travel delays.

“We have deferred the summit today because of lack of attendance. This one is the final summit in this term of Parliament and it is important that all our leaders are in attendance. This occasion was going to take stock of the performance and achievements for the past four and a half years,” he said.

Mr Lupari said a number of governors and provincial officials were unable to arrive for the morning session.

“Their inclusion in discussions is important, so the Leaders’ Summit will now take place before the next sitting of Parliament convenes in the afternoon of February 28.

“This will afford the opportunity for more provincial leaders to be in attendance to discuss development and growth strategies for Papua New Guinea.

“They will discuss the achievements and the challenges and issues that they faced. How do we address them? How do we deal with those issues? So it’s unfortunate that we’ve sent enough notice to many of the leaders that are supposed to be here,” he said.

Many leaders were in their electorates and had conveyed their apologies that they could not make it in time.

“Upon consultation with the Prime Minister and some of the key governors and the ministers that are present here, it was necessary that we defer it, in that way, we have the attendance of everybody in the districts, right through the national level,” Mr Lupari said.

Post-Courier Online Gorethy Kenneth February 9, 2017

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