Settlement welcomes K449,000 water project

By: Annette Kora

“Just because you live in the settlement doesn’t mean you can’t get the same service.”

This was the comment from Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, when he was officiating at a ground breaking ceremony for the people living in Vanama and New Block.

The water project is K449, 000 in total cost.


Tkatchenko says this has been the aim for the next five years and more is yet to come for the people of Moresby South.

“You are no different from the people living up in the hill therefore, you must also enjoy the same privileges,” he told the residents this morning.

Community representative, Thomas Memafu, thanked Tkatchenko for his timely contribution.

“Because of this, over seven ethnic groups that live together in this community will benefit greatly, especially our mothers.”

Eda Ranu General Manager Technical, Lot Gedisa Zauya, on behalf of the CEO and chairman, thanked the Member for Moresby South for this initiative of bringing water into settlement communities.

“The minister has done so much in the last five years, starting from big project infrastructure down to the water pipes in the settlements,” stated Mr. Zauya.

“Report to police if need be and take care of the water tap. “Use it well and wisely.”




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