O’Neill Launches Full Investigation Into the Manumanu Land Deal – “Today’s decisions are done in the best interests of our people.”

The Prime Minister Hon Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has come out in full force against the allegedly corrupt Manumanu land deal. In a press conference today he called for a full Commision of Inquiry to take place to examine all the allegations that have been levelled against senior ministers and senior members of departments.

“I have referred this matter to the Police Commissioner for the Fraud Squad to carry out its own investigation, and also to the Ombudsman Commission for and leadership code breaches for their own investigations as well.

As I stated in the Parliament session last week, the National Executive Council did not have any visibility or given any specific approval for the purchase of land by these two agencies of Government.” The Prime Minister said in a statement.

“A significant focus of investigations will be on the sale and purchase of portion 406 in Manumanu at a cost of 46 million Kina by Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH), and also the purchase of portions 422 for 7.2 million Kina and 423 for 9.2 million Kina by Department of Defence.”

“It is now clear that these agencies of Government have not worked together in a co-ordinate way to facilitate the implementation of the 2012 Government NEC decision. The acquisition of this land has been done in clear violation of the Governments decision, and resulted in 78.4 million Kina being paid.”

“Today, I have instructed all relevant Government agencies to furnish full reports on how this land has been acquired, and I am certain that they will assist with investigations by the Commission of Inquiry, the Police Fraud Squad and the Ombudsman Commission.”

“The Commission of Inquiry will be led by a very experienced and credible person, a retired judge, to investigate all aspects of this purchase covering all of this land. We will make an announcement soon as soon as we finalise arrangements.”

“As of today, I am also announcing that the Minister for Defence, Hon. Fabian Pok, and the Minister for State Enterprises, Hon. William Duma, will step aside from their ministerial responsibilities pending the conclusion and outcomes of the Commission of Inquiry.”

“In the interim, the Ministry for State Enterprises will be taken care of by the Honourable Charles Abel, Minister for National Planning, and the Ministry for Defence will be taken care of by the Honourable Mao Zeming, the Minister for Fisheries.”

“It is only proper that these allegations against senior members of the Government and the public service, that they be afforded the principles of natural justice and be given the opportunity to answer these allegations.”

“We want to clearly demonstrate to our country and to our people that our Government is committed to the principles and practices of good governance.”


PNG Breaking News February 6, 2017 4.26pm

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