New Rules to Address Drones

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will be introducing new guidelines and amending existing ones to regulate the use of drones in PNG.


Speaking to Loop PNG, CASA Executive Manager Safety Regulation, Rueben O’Conner, says the regulations are aimed to minimise safety risks posed by drones.

O’Connor says the increasing use of different types of drones in the country is inevitable and proper regulation needs to be established. Currently there is no regulatory framework in place.

CASA is now inviting the general public and stakeholders in the aviation industry to respond to a proposed amendment to CASA safety rule 101 and the proposed new safety rule 102 regarding drones.

“All non-commercial (drones) will be subject to the amendment of rule 101 and that’s something the public must take note of. Part 101 is coming out for consultation and will be on the CASA website.


“If you’re just a recreational user and you’re not doing any business and just flying for fun then rule part 101 we are inserting something on drones and your operational limitations, such as where you can fly and how high.

“But we have a new rule part 102 that is coming out that will guide the certification for commercial purposes.

“So that’s another interesting rule coming out so I advise the public and stakeholders to go on our website and download (the rules) and read; it’s going to be out for comment,” he said.

O’Conner said enforcement is another aspect they are working on, especially for drones used for commercial purposes.

He says they might introduce a tracking as well as licensing system to keep track of commercially license drones.

The rules are part of a major review of the safety guidelines which CASA enforces in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) standards.


Cedric Patjole February 5, 2017 17:30

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