Micah’s Behaviour was Unparliamentarian’

People’s Progress Party leader Ben Micah “unparliamentary” conduct last Friday forced acting speaker John Simon to suspend Parliament for 10 minutes.

Mr Micah had refused to sit down when asked to do so by the chair during question time when asking questions on Defence matters, including the controversial purchase of Manumanu land in Central Province.

His questions were also about relationship by marriage between Defence Minister Fabian Pok and Defence secretary Vali Asi and the sacking of several senior civilian officers by Mr Asi at the Defence Department at Murray Barracks.

The acting speaker had disallowed Micah from asking questions which Dr Pok and Public Enterprises and State Investments Minister William Duma had already answered during the week.

Mr Micah however insisted that he would ask his questions directed at Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, ignoring repeated calls by the acting speaker to sit down or he would be physically removed from the Chamber by the serjeant-at-arms.

“Come and throw me out. Get your guards and throw me out,” the Kavieng MP challenged the acting Speaker.


Rising from his chair Simon pointed at Micah and announced: “Sergeant-at-arms, remove him from the chamber as he has no respect for the chair.”

A defiant Micah would not listen, even the guards talked to him which led to the acting speaker suspending parliament and walking out of the Chamber.

Sinssina-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua who was heard supporting Mr Micah saying words to the effect that Parliament should close for good.

After the suspension Member for Goroka Biri Kimisopa approached Mr Micah and Mr Kua and told them to go apologise to the Chair.

As he took the Chair again, Simon said he made it clear earlier in the week that MPs must observe House rules and not to use the word such as “kam rausim mi” (come and remove me) because it was disrespectful to the chair and the house.

Micah apologised and was then asked to continue with his questions.

Post Courier February 6, 2017 

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