THE process of electing the Governor General of Papua New Guinea has been politicised heavily by politicians and the Government-of-the-day.

This has been the case with current GG incumbent Sir Michael Ogio when he was a sitting Member of Parliament in the Somare government regime and was elected as GG, and history has repeated itself with the current GG-elect Bob Dadae who is a strongman in the current ruling PNC party.

These were the stern remarks of Sir Pato Kakaraya when breaking his silence on why he withdrew from the race for the Governor General’s post.

He said since the Government has the numbers, it bulldozed the whole process in nominating their sitting MP and finally electing him into the post.


“This is a very bad scenario and practice in any democracy and commonwealth nation in which the Queen is our Head of State. How long can we manipulate the process to serve our own interest?” Sir Pato queried.

“In other commonwealth and major democracies like Australia, the Government proposes or nominates any senior Statesperson who has contributed immensely towards national growth and development, and who has a high regard and standing in his or her community and throughout the nation and not the ruling Government Party in figure-picking a sitting member into the vice-regal post.

“I am totally ashamed and shocked, how on earth had we inherited a new nomination process for PNG – killing the aspirations, callings and desires of ordinary qualified senior citizens of this nation to contest for the GG post,” he said.

Sir Pato, not holding any reservations, also blasted Opposition Leader Don Polye on running to the media and criticising other candidates, and on his push for nominating a woman for the GG’s post.

He described Polye’s remarks as “very shallow and playing cheap petty politics to bring defamation to ones’ character”.

Sir Pato said, as a national leader, Polye makes a disgrace of himself by attacking ordinary citizens.

“It’s about time he should be formulating major policies and talk on strategic development issues instead of coming down very low and taking it so personally,” he said.

Sir Pato however, congratulated the GG-elect Bob Dadae on his election as the nation’s 6th Governor General.

“Though he may be a bit young for the post, now that the people of PNG through Parliament have entrusted him with another notable job, I wish him well and urge him to serve the people and represent the nation with pride and high dignity and moral principles – as head of State.

Meanwhile he revealed that because he could not muster the 16 MP signatures required on the nomination form, given the limited nomination time, he withdrew to maintain his integrity rather than face obvious elimination.

Sir Pato revealed his intention to give a second shot at the vice-regal post after GG-elect Bob Dadae’s term expires.

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