Marape: K75m TFF to be released today


FINANCE Minister James Marape is adamant that the first quarter payment of K75 million from the Tuition Fee Free fund will be paid directly to schools account by the end of this week.

He gave the undertaking yesterday following reports that Government and agency schools had not received the first quarter payments as schools nationwide started on Monday.



“The TFF fund is being worked on and by the end of this week, first batch of K75 million would be dispatched to all school accounts. “Mr. Marape said.

Education Secretary Uke Kombra early this week said the Finance Department had not released the TFF funds.

“Treasury will release the TFF funds soon in two allotments, and through scheduled phases, to the Bank of PNG where the funds will further be disbursed to commercial banks where respective schools maintain their accounts,” Dr Kombra said.

He said TFF has been “faithfully funded” in the past four years and was captured in the 2017 Budget priorities with the allocation of K602 million.

“The tuition free fee covers the annual unit-cost of the total cost operations of a school in a year,” Dr Kombra said.

He added that the operation cost is done by the education board based on an average unit cost.

“In other words, the education board sets fee limits of respective schools for the distribution of TFF funds.

Dr Kombra has urged parents to submit the names of the schools who are charging fees to parents for inspectors to investigate the school.

“We have made it clear in the media that schools should not be charging fees to parents.”

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