Newly elected G-G vows to uphold the laws


GOVERNOR-General-elect Bob Dadae said he will maintain and uphold the Constitution and be neutral and impartial in conducting his role.

Mr Dadae said in an interview he would serve God while in his capacity as the Governor-General, as all wisdom and knowledge comes from him and that his recognition to become a leader of this nation was from God.


Mr Dadae, who is the Member for Kabwum beat his Morobe opponent Timothy Bonga 55-36 in Parliament yesterday.

He will replace Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio whose term expires on February 24.

When Parliament met yesterday at about 11am, the leader of Government Business James Marape moved a motion for the Parliament to elect a new Governor-General. Acting Speaker John Simon received three proposals or nomination forms for the position which was accepted by the acting Clerk of Parliament Kala Aufa when nominations closed on Monday.

He said the process followed and complied with the section 87 of the Constitution and section 5 of the Organic Law on the Election of a Governor-General and the applications went through a screening process that also includes the character check form Police, the Ombudsman Commission and the Registrar of the National and Supreme Court of justice.

He said since there were no rejection of any nominations and under Section 6 (a) declared the candidates in alphabetical order led by Timothy Bonga, Bob Dadae and Edward R Diro and allowed the Parliament to vote through a exhaustive secret ballot win which the candidate that received the least votes was eliminated.

As the vote was about to be taken leader of Government Business James Marape approached Mr Dadae to leave the floor and abstain from voting for himself. The first vote was taken and the acting Speaker announced the results and Timothy Bonga got 26 votes, Bod Dadae received 44 votes and Edward R Diro received 20 votes.

He then eliminated Diro and called for the final vote between Bonga and Dadae.

After the vote was taken and counted Bonga received 36 votes and Dadae received 55 votes and Dadae was declared Parliaments choice for the Governor-General’s post.

The swearing-in will take place after the term of Sir Michael Ogio expires on February 24 in the next Parliament which would be announced by Parliament today). He will serve for a term of six years.

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