National Information & Communication Technology Authority to facilitate Cybercrime Training for Police

The National Information and Communication Technology Authority is expected to facilitate cybercrime training for police, says chief executive officer Charles Punaha.

He announced during the BSP e-Business Expo held in Port Moresby on Wednesday that the police needed more knowledge capacity to fully enforce the Cybercrime Act in the country.

“NICTA will facilitate experts from the International Telecommunication Union – a United Nations specialised agency for information and communication technologies – to provide trainings to our police personnel starting in two weeks’ time,” Punaha said.


He said it was not NICTA’s role to enforce the provisions of the Cybercrime Act.

“It is up to the police to enforce and the courts to impose penalties that are specified in the act.”

He said the act provided police with search powers to enter any premises whether private or government-owned to collect evidence of cybercrime offences. He said the cyber offences came with hefty penalties.

The National February 2, 2017

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