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In light of a good turnout of commodity price in oil and gas internationally, now is a good time for investors to tap into the county’s energy sector.

That is the message from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when officially launching the inaugural Petroleum and Energy Summit in Port Moresby today.

O’Neill when reflecting on the past few year said things were tough in the sector with income dropping by 80%; however, things have been improving making PNG a suitable place for investment and with the Papua LNG expected to start production sometime between 2021 and 2022, the government is optimistic about the energy sector.

“Today with the improvement in the global economy, the rebound in the commodity prices, we see positive changes taking place but we are not out of the dark yet, but there is light at the end,” the prime minister said.

Meanwhile, Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban assured current and potential investors that the government stands ready to work in partnership with them in developing the sector.

The three days summit has attracted over 200 participants, including delegates from Japanese gas companies who were at the summit this morning to highlight the market demand for gas in Japan and as well as the Asian region.

Picture: the highlight of Day 1 of the Petroleum and Energy Summit at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby.

Yumi FM News Tuesday 28th February 2017

Pato clarifies delay in UN payment

FOREIGN Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato said the delay in the payment of membership contribution to the United Nations is an administrate issue and is being resolved.


He said there was an error that saw the contribution funds used for ongoing operations, and that was being resolved through the transfer of additional funds.

“If the journalist (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) behind the article had checked with appropriate sources, the article on UNGA funds would not have been a story,” Pato said.

“The remittance of funds to overseas missions involves payments for different diplomatic purposes.

“In the case of the UN contributions, the funds were simply used for other operational areas.

“This was realised and by Friday the transfer of additional funds was underway with the allocation due to arrive in PNG UN Mission account over the weekend.”

PM O’Neill Welcomes International Surfers to Papua New Guinea – Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships on March 18-25

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, said he is pleased that the global surfing community is learning about Papua New Guinea as a destination for surfing tourism.

PM O’Neill made the comments as competitors from around the world prepare to travel to Papua New Guinea for the Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships at Tupira on 18 to 25 March this year.

“Papua New Guinea is looking forward to hosting the World Surf League Longboard Championship in Tupira near Madang,” the Prime Minister said.

“I am glad that people around the world are discovering that Papua New Guinea is a great surfing destination, with challenging waves in pristine waters on beautiful beaches.

“I hope all competitors and spectators have an enjoyable time at the first international surfing event ever held in Papua New Guinea.


“On behalf of the Government, I further congratulate the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea for their efforts in promoting surfing in the nation and bringing this competition to our country.

“The Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships will be an outstanding event and showcase outstanding male and female competitors, and invite surfers from around the world to visit Papua New Guinea.

“I urge members of the public to be in Tupira for the event, or to find out more through the media, so they can gain a better insight into the sport of surfing.

“Surfing is a very health activity for young and old, men and women, and we would like to see more people take up this sport.”

PNC People’s National Congress February 27, 2017



APEC SOM I in Vietnam – Papua New Guinea Presents Paper on Sustainable Tourism

Papua New Guinea is contributing to the development of sustainable tourism opportunities through APEC and is taking a community-level approach to develop tourism solutions.

Speaking at the Tourism Working Group workshop on sustainable tourism in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Ms. Alcinda Trawen, from the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) provided two successful Papua New Guinea case studies to tourism officials from APEC’s 20 other Members.

The two community level case studies covered a sustainable tourism project in Kimbe in West New Britain province, and the other was the development of the Tupira Surf Club, on the North Coast of Madang province.

She said both projects have been developed under TPA’s authentic model called Community Based Locally Managed Area (CBLA), in that it promotes the protection of the environment and culture, and enhances tourism sustainability.

“We don’t proclaim to have the best community based case studies in the region, but our examples and case studies that are based on real-world experience and organic to our own environment,” Ms Trawen to the APEC meeting in Vietnam.

“In Papua New Guinea, our departments that are responsible for Climate Change and Tourism are working in parallel and are enhancing common strength between the two sectors.

“One of Papua New Guinea’s overarching characteristics is our culture, which includes a system of landownership, cultural obligations, decision-making.

“The Papua New Guinea sustainable development approach takes into consideration things such as community values as well as the broader distribution of benefits.

3IMG_1587 copy.jpg

“For example, the Kimbe community-based tourism project has four key areas in which they promote environmental sustainability.

“These are through marine education awareness, supporting eco-tourism initiatives and helping local people to create tourism business plans.”

“Another community level tourism project being advanced in Papua New Guinea involves the sustainable use of resources.

“With a great ‘surf break’ the Tupiri Surf Club in Madang has been attracting surfers from around the world.”

Tupiri Surf Club ill now host the Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships at Tupira on 18 to 25 March this year.

She said in the cases presented by Papua New Guinea, each of these are led by community, they maintain significant tourism interest and adhere to important environmental protection criteria.

PNC People’s National Congress February 27, 2017

Two Vehicles to Extend Bougainville Policing Services

Media Release – January 24, 2017

Australia has donated two vehicles to the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) to help extend the reach of law and justice services through North and South Bougainville.

Australian High Commission Counsellor Tim Bryson handed one vehicle over to Senior Sergeant John Popui and First Constable Lucy Nehemiah in Buin. A second vehicle was presented to Inspector Kingsley Lua at Buka Police Station.

The vehicles will be incorporated into the Royal PNG Constabulary fleet to serve prosecution and traffic operations in Buka, and the Family and Sexual Violence Unit in Buin.

“The donation of these vehicles is greatly appreciated,” said RPNGC Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Chief of the BPS, Joanne Clarkson.

“With transport, it will be easier for us to respond to reports of family and sexual violence, and to conduct awareness-raising activities.”

Mr Bryson said that Australia’s key objective in Bougainville, shared with the Government of Papua New Guinea, was stability, which enables economic growth.

“The improved delivery of policing and justice services, which these vehicles will support, is a key enabler of that stability,” said Mr Bryson.

In 2017, in line with the agreement of the PNG Government and Autonomous Bougainville Government, Australia will provide approximately K9 million to support the law and justice sector in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, including initiatives to improve community safety, address family and sexual violence, provide effective law and justice services and strengthen the Bougainville Police Service.

Yumi FM News

Referees demand action

The National

THE Papua New Guinea Rugby League Referees Association has lodged a formal complaint with the PNGNRL protesting the possible re-entry of the Hagen Eagles to the Digicel Cup 2017 season which starts in April.

Referees director Joe Peregua said after last year’s preliminary final assault on referee Aaron Henry by Eagles trainer Stanley Akinu, as well as attacks on Benjamin Kaupa and Paul Wani, the association would boycott the season if plans to readmit the Eagles were followed through despite an initial three-year ban imposed on the club.


In a letter to PNGNRL chairman Sudhir Guru and his board, the referees association gave the body until today to respond to their log of claims which listed four instances of abuse perpetrated on referees last season that had not been resolved and their initial demand for stern action to be taken against the Eagles.

Peregua, pictured, said 11 senior Port Moresby-based had signed the petition which was also delivered to the PNGNRL board, PNGRFL chief executive officer Reatau Rau and Southern Confederate director Gwaibo Mairi.

Peregua said if the PNGNRL failed to address their demands after their scheduled board meeting on Sunday, the senior referees would not referee any cup games in 2017.

“The PNGNRL has not done enough to protect referees from attacks, violence and intimidation for a long time,” Peregua said.

“We continue to be attacked, assaulted, beaten and threatened year-in, year-out without any change whatsoever.

“The PNGNRL has failed us terribly and now, after last year’s incident during the Digicel Cup preliminary final, the club that attacked one of our referees will be allowed to come back in 2017.

“It is unacceptable and we will not tolerate that.

“We will not referee any games unless the Hagen Eagles are removed. They were banned for three years and they should serve that time.

Peregua said his association had taken offence after an independent judiciary had cleared the Eagles of the charges and lifted the ban, as well as the fine imposed on the club.

He said although the appeal process had been conducted by an independent body, the outcome had been disappointing.

“The PNGNRL needs to look at the decision by the independent judiciary.

“We understand the original decision was over-turned on appeal because of inconsistencies in the charges but the decision is a bad one for the sport.

He said the referees had been victimised yet again by the decision and it proved that no one was serious about addressing violence in the sport.

“If the Eagles are allowed to come back without being punished, it will paint a bad image for the sport and send the message that attacking referees and being violent is not a serious matter.

“We have therefore resolved to make a stand against the abuses we have suffered last season because we feel the matter has not been handled properly by the PNGNRL judicial system.”

Audited Financial Accounts for the 2016 Financial Year -NasFund Press Statement

PRESS STATEMENT – Feb 23, 2017

At its meeting today the NASFUND Board considered and accepted its audited financial accounts for the 2016 financial year.

Chairman Hulala Tokome, on behalf of the Board stated that the results were positive in yet another challenging year. External factors such as the slowdown of the global economy and limited access to foreign currency continued to impact the revenue streams of PNG based companies in which the Fund had investments in. In addition, surplus of high quality property buildings resulted in valuation losses across the property portfolio. However this was mitigated by valuation gains in fixed income securities and equities. Chairman Tokome stated that the Fund had demonstrated a strong resilience to attain positive outcomes with an over budgeted performance in cash returns from its investments and controlled expenses.

Against this back drop the highlights of 2016 are as follows:

1. Gross Asset Value of K4.34 billion representing a growth of 7.2 % from K 4.05 billion recorded in 2015.

2. Net Asset Value of K4.22 billion representing a growth of 7.4 % from K3.93 billion recorded in 2015.

3. Net profit of K 283.47 million representing an increase of 87% over 2015 audited results of K 150.9 million.

4. Increase in total membership by 4% to 537,520 from 515,535 members recorded in 2015.

5. Employer base of 2,540 establishments representing a 5% growth from 2015.

6. Contribution receipts being member and employer contributions of K 451million.

7. Payment of K 456 million in superannuation entitlements in over 74,000 members transactions.

8. 983 educational and public awareness shop floor presentations to employers and members throughout the country compared to 773 presentations conducted in 2015.

9. Upgrading of Lae branch to a 66 seat capacity with a modern touch.

10. Upgrading of Boroko service centre to a 90 seat capacity with a modern touch.

11. Upgrading of Lihir branch to a prime location.

12. Opening of a new service centre in Bialla and Wabag.

13. Better management of liquidity to ensure withdrawing members were paid their rightful entitlements.

14. Completion of a new ERP platform to upgrade our core business and financial systems.

15. Decisions on new investments in property and equities totalling over K 81.2 million.

16. Investments in Fixed Income (Treasury Bills, Government Inscribed Stocks) of K1.46 billion.

17. Ongoing education processes for members to understand the importance of long term savings to provide for comfortable living in the later years of life after active employment.

On the back of these achievements the Board approved a crediting rate of 7.25% equating to over K 265.5 million to be paid to members accounts for the 2016 financial year.

The Board further agreed to hold reserves of K 91 million or 2.36% of member funds as a matter of prudency.

Looking ahead in 2017, Mr Tokome reminded members that their NASFUND savings were for the long term and about of quality of life after active employment or in retirement. Members should be actively thinking and planning their future. I also remind members, while returns from the investment portfolio are subject to market forces and vary from year to year, real returns after inflation to member accounts increase significantly over a long period through the effect of compound interest and a dedication to investing in assets that provide secure long term returns. This is where the real benefits is derived for members.”


“Above all, striving to be better than we are now and continuing to uphold members’ interests is your Board’s focus. This is what we are all about,” said Mr Tokome.

On this note I would like to sincerely congratulate our CEO, Ian Tarutia, management and staff of NASFUND for their commitment and hard work over 2016 in delivering these results.

Approved for release by:



Note: members can expect their accounts to be credited by next Tuesday 28th February 2017.

Photo (left to right): CFO, Rajeev Sharma; Chairman, Hulala Tokome, CEO, Ian Tarutia OBE

Nasfund February 23, 2017 3.55 pm

Youth champions urging peers to stand up for SDGs

PNG Loop

Passionate young leaders are encouraging their peers to stand up for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global development milestone to transform the world and Papua New Guinea by 2030.

Bronwyn Kili, Lydia Dimokali, and Nathan Garry have been selected as the Youth Champions for the Global Goals by the United Nations in Papua New Guinea and are generating a youth movement towards the Goals.


Last week three champions organised a workshop for representatives from the University of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea University of Technology, National Capital District Gender Desk, Basketball Federation Papua New Guinea, High Performance Sports, Mission Vibe, and Youth for Change.

Lead facilitator, Kili, 19, is the president of the Youth Adolescent Health Club (YAH) and raises awareness on the importance of the SDGs.

“These are the goals which will shape the country when we will be in your thirties or forties. Do you want a future where current issues such as poverty, hunger, and gender based violence still exist? It is us who need to stand up now to attain better life for ourselves,” urges Kili.

Garry, 25, who is currently trying to establish an NGO called “Youth for Change” to educate young peers, especially those living in settlements, says, “I believe to develop a nation require more actors than just a government. We need our young peers playing such a role. Let us not wait. It is our future, and it is our country. SDGs is a guiding tool to develop and transform our country better.”

Participants discussed how the SDGs are linked to their lives, and how best they can help promote them.

They were also encouraged to recognise their influential power, networking capacity and innovative ideas and to think through how they can promote the SDGs in their respective schools and communities.

Recognising the critical importance of youth in developing a nation, the United Nations in Papua New Guinea will continue to engage with them in promoting the Goals.

Upgrade on hold


PLANS to increase the capacity of the National Football Stadium from 15,000 to 25,000 for Papua New Guinea’s three scheduled Rugby League World Cup matches have been shelved, Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko confirmed this week during a visit by tournament chief executive officer Andrew Hill to Port Moresby.

Tkatchenko advised Hill that the Government, along with Oil Search, the venue’s primary owner, would not be able to complete the structural upgrade to the facility in time for the event.


The World Cup is from Oct 27 to Dec 2, with Port Moresby hosting three games on the Oct 28 (against Wales), Nov 5 (against Ireland) and on Nov 12 (against USA).

Australia and New Zealand are the other co-hosts, with the final to be played at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane on Dec 2.

Tkatchenko admitted that the stadium capacity was too small for a World Cup event but that was the only issue for co-hosts PNG.

“The NFS that you know we first started off with 15,000, and we were hoping to complete the second stage and increase the seating to 25,000 but unfortunately I don’t think it will be ready in time for the Rugby League World Cup,’ Tkatchenko said.

“The design and plans have already gone forward but you’re looking at how Papua New Guineans will embrace what the Government is doing in sports.

“Whether it’s the NFS or the Sir John Guise Stadium, neither of these venues are presently big enough to cater for the interest that a Rugby League World Cup match will generate.

“Eventually we will increase the capacity of these venues for major sporting events and even though the venues will not have increased capacity for the 2017 World Cup, I’m sure it will be an outstanding success,” he said.

“We don’t want to disappoint any of our rugby league fans but at the moment this is where we are.”

Tkatchenko said local organisers were working with the RLWC staff on ways to bring the World Cup experience to the public. “We have to look at ways to get the public involved in the event and setting public parks and social areas to watch games on big screens for those who won’t be able to attend the matches is one alternative.”

Tkatchenko said similar to the Fifa Under-20 Women’s World Cup last November in the national capital, the aim was to make the event accessible wherever possible for local fans.

Secretary Morola is APEC Labor & Social Protection Network Coordinator

Secretary Mary Morola, of the Department of Labour has now joined a group of elite Papua New Guineans to either co-chair or chair an APEC for a meeting. Mrs Morola’s participation and professionalism has been rewarded with her appointment as the APEC Human Resources Development Working Group – Labor and Social Protection Network (HRDWG-LSPN) Meeting Coordinator, thus, signaling a growth of substantive participation by Papua New Guineans since the announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the APEC Leaders’ Summit in Bali, Indonesia in 2013.

Secretary Morola has indepth knowledge in this field and will give her insights which is a luxury for such a person to chair such a meeting.

Mrs Morola is the third female and the sixth Papua New Guinean to be appointment to such a role. She joins a very exclusive group of Papua New Guneans in the likes of Mr Clarence Hoot (APEC Investments Experts’ Group Convenor), Dr Billy Manoka (Chairmanship of the Friends of the Chair on Competition Policy), Mr Kila Gulo Viu (APEC Telecommunication working Group Deputy Convenor), Dr Ruth Turia (Experts Group on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade Chairperson) and Ms Alcinda Trawen (Deputy Lead Sherperd Tourism Working Group. This is another huge accomplishment for the PNG Policy Team.

Pictures and words by PNGAS 

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