Review of Parole Board recommended

BY: Cedric Patjole

A review of the Parole Board has been recommended in the Parole Board’s Reports from 2012 to 2014.

The review, among other things, will focus on the membership of the board and the term in office of the current board members.


Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Ano Pala, said this when tabling the reports in Parliament on Wednesday.

He said the Department has conducted review of the Act and will soon propose amendments in the light of the review.

He said changes made at the operational level have already seen improvements in the work of the board.

“At the operational level my department made changes to the operating structure of the community based branches and separated the three separate functions of probation, juvenile justice and parole.

“Each of these were given branch status with their respective budget lines to give them greater capacity and efficiency and for improved performance management.

“These changes have improved the operations of the parole board going forward. Officers of the Correctional Services and officers of my department continue to collaborate and support the work of the parole board. And the parole board generally in the criminal justice system in our country,” Pala said.

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