O’Neill Clarifies Form 29 and Nomination forms

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has clarified that the Electoral Commission’s Form 29 (Bio-data) is not a legal requirement for a candidate wishing to contest the elections.

O’Neill said the Form 29 was just to assist the Electoral Commissioner to have a clear indication of the intending candidates wishing to contest.

He clarified that the official form to allow intending candidates to contest the elections was the Nomination form.

He said the Nomination form was entirely dependent  on the candidates to choose which party to align with in the coming elections.

“Nobody is going to force the candidate to sign which party they will be contesting under as it is an individual choice that is guaranteed by law.”


O’Neill also appeal to the leaders not to interfere with the Electoral Commission’s duties but allow it to do their job independently.

He said the Electoral Commission is a constitutional office and the Government has no involvement in their affairs.

He added that the Government has no say on how the elections are being conducted or in the appointment of electoral officers as claimed by the Opposition but allow them (EC) to deal with their issues independently.

“We don’t have any say on how the Electoral Commissioner conducts the elections or how he gives contracts to service providers.

“Even the NEC or the Cabinet have no visibility or make decisions on behalf of the Electoral Commissioner.”

O’Neill was responding to Kikori MP Mark Maipakai on how the formation of the government will be carried out by the Electoral Commissioner.

Freddy Mou  January 25, 2017 17:04




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