Coffee Industry to Generate More Income if Government Subsidises Cost

Martha Louis

The PNG Coffee Industry Cooperation believes the coffee industry is able to generate more than K600 million into the PNG economy if the government can subsidise some of the costs involved for coffee farmers.

Coffee is an exportable commodity. Last year, the industry was able to bring in almost K506 million into PNG economy through foreign reserves.


CEO, Charles Dambui, says this only includes coffee bags that make it to the coffee trading depot.

However, more can be generated as more coffee are still sitting in the rural areas.

This is due to two factors; high freight cost and no storage facilities.

Most of the coffee bags in the rural interior can only be sent by air freight into the trading depot, due to available infrastructure and the transportation costs.


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  • Commodities like coffee,coacoa and oil palm are renewable resources that the government can generate more income for the country. Government should subsidize them to help generate income for the country as well as to help local farmers to earn little income for them to improve the living standard.

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