Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has Created World Political History

Five times within five years the Member for Ialibu-Pangia, Peter O’Neill, was successfully voted in as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea becoming the first World Leader in History anywhere in the World of any Nation to be successfully & DEMOCRATICALLY voted for the most times within a short period of time (within five years) to be Prime Minister.

First Elected Prime Minister on the 2nd of August 2011 (70-24).

LEGITIMATELY won a Vote of Confidence during the Political Impasse and was re-elected Prime Minister by Parliament on the 13th of December, 2011 (69-0).

Became Prime Minister again in 2012 after his party People’s National Congress (PNC) won the most seats during the 2012 National General Elections and was invited to form Government (94-12).

Won a Vote of Confidence on October 29, 2015 (78-2).

Won a Court Ordered Vote of No confidence on July 22nd 2016 (85-21).



A few words of advice to the ‘Anti-Government goons’ and Opposition supporters on Facebook…the more you people use social media to trash the Prime Minister and propagate lies to the public the more powerful PM PO becomes. Keep it up. PM PO is here to stay for the development and betterment of PNG, God Willing, for at least another 5-10 years to come.

With PM PO in power as PM for at least another 10 years PNG will become better than Dubai.

The people of Papua New Guinea and History will be the Judge.

Sonja Barry Ramoi  via THE VOICE OF PNG January  22 at 15:44

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