Police vehicles to be used for ‘official duties only’

ACTING Commissioner of Police Raphael Huafolo has directed that all police motor vehicles are to be used for official business and only during official business hours.

This directive is to strictly monitor and control the ongoing misuse of police vehicles, and also to minimise abuse of police powers and corrupt practices.

Mr Huafolo said the vehicles should not be taken home by members unless authorised.


As per his directive, all non-operational and administration vehicles are to be locked up after work at 5pm on week days and on all weekends.

He said discipline or legal action will be taken against those who misuse police vehicles irrespective of their rank, and this exercise will start with officers at the police headquarters.

He said this must be extended to metropolitan provincial police commands.

Mr Huafolo said the officer in charge of transport in each divisional command will be responsible to transport officers to and from work.

“I am now authorising all PPCs and metropolitan Superintendents to stop, search and impound any police vehicles not classified and deal with the respective defaulters who are in breach of this directive,” Mr Huafolo said.

He said that police vehicles are not to be parked outside betelnut markets, clubs or hotels, private residents or poker areas unless it is within the call of duty.

“I am appealing to the public to report to respective provincial commands and metropolitan commands of any police vehicle being parked for long periods at these areas,” Mr Huafolo said.

He concluded that the responsibility of carrying out this directive must be of everyone’s concern as it will inevitably lead to less abuse of limited police resources and the refocus of those resources into the core police business of protecting and serving the people.




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