Hela wants an end to illegal firearms

Villages hand over 9 to callout troops

LOCAL villagers in Hela who have had enough of gun toting criminals have rounded up 9 suspects involved in a recent murder to hand over to call-out troops in Tari.

On Tuesday, led by Tipa village chief and Hela election manager John Tipa, villagers of Munima, Tipa, Halengoali, Waralo Ula and Paibali said enough is enough of few gun toting criminals and they rounded up 9 suspects involved in murder of a young man in Tari town on the morning of the same day.


Tari Pori MP and Finance Minister James Marape who the day before during the call-out had called for his people to cooperate with police and military had praises for the majority of law abiding citizens who did not hide these criminals but assisted in chasing them down only hours after the murder took place.

“As Member for Tari Pori, I always believe in my people and our intrinsic values of our customs that has more goodwill than bad.”

“Hulis are forgiving, loving and caring people, but due to break down of the law and justice sector in Hela since 1997, the majority were fearful of few who had guns. Now with more police in Hela the tide is changing.”

Mr Marape said his long term solution is for immediate opening of Hawa CIS and for more than 500 new permanent police into Hela police structure.

“Before I was operating under the shadow of Governor Anderson Agiru and had to await his call on almost everything, today when he is not around I will take leadership not only for my district but Hela as a whole and restoring law and order stand as my number one priority”.




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