Highway needs urgent attention: Naru

THE Highlands Highway needs urgent attention by all respective stakeholders led by the National Government, Morobe Governor Kelly Naru said.

Mr Naru said it is a national disaster with so many roadblocks and landslips along the economy hub of the country.

Mr Naru said a lot of landslips have occurred in parts of Chimbu, Eastern Highlands and hopefully other parts of the Highlands region have not affected smooth flow of traffic.

He said businesses in both the Highlands region and Morobe and Madang have been affected, meaning that the country’s revenues from taxes will also be affected.

He called on the Government to give special and urgent attention to the Highlands Highway starting from Lae to Porgera,Hela and Koroba-Kopiago.


                                                                                                                Picture by David Swanson/IRIN

“The Highlands Highway is the economic lifeline of the country and with the recent wet season a lot of landslides, landslips, flooding and roads being washed away. These roads are economic links and we can’t afford to neglect repair. The highway needs urgent attention from the National Government, the provincial governments and the Department of Works.

“It deserves immediate attention to give comfort to all users including businesses.

“It is a challenge for all of us leaders and all levels of government to work together and partner to address the plight of the depleted state of the highway,” he said.

Mr Naru said similar disasters have also affected his province in which the roads have been washed away or covered in debris from landslides.

He said logistics has been a major problem but government officers are working in collaboration with the Works office in Lae to fix all roads that have been destroyed during the rainy season.

Mr Naru said the continuous rain has also affected roads in Lae city mostly those roads without cement.

While thanking the Government for funding many projects in Morobe and Lae City, Mr Naru wants improvement for the Milford Havenand Uni-Bumayong roads.




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