PNGEC to recruit 35,000 for elections


THE Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission will be recruiting more than 35-40,000 temporary election workers throughout the country to assist with the 2017 national elections.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said this yesterday while detailing the key activities for 2017 and outlook for the polls.


Mr Gamato also said among the recruitment the Commission’s priority for the next three months will centre on updating the Electoral Rolls, review and appointment of Returning and Assistant Returning Officers, displaying the updated rolls for objections, printing of the final Electoral Roll and Certifying for use. Others will include the ordering of big ticket items locally and internationally, printing of ballot papers, training manuals for scrutineers, polling and counting officials and training.

“After the election in 2017, the PNGEC will be going out to gauge views of the public on electoral boundaries,” he said.

“The review must be conducted well in time before the next national election in 2022.  This means that the Boundaries Review Commission has to be appointed and the Commission will travel the country to gauge views of the people,” he said.

He said some of the programs have been completed while others will continue in the next remaining months.

He said that the tentative dates as approved by the Governor General and announced by the Electoral Commissioner last year is April 20, for the Issue of Writs and Return of Writs on the July 24.

“These dates will remain tentative unless the Parliament changes with the view to reduce the campaign period down from 2 months (8 weeks) to 1 month (4 weeks).  If Parliament changes the law, I will advise His Excellency the Governor General of PNG to change the tentative dates.

“2017 is the election year.  It is a big year.  Election is a constitutional process and I would like to encourage all citizens to focus on participating. “It is our constitutional process and everyone should be involved. We must respect the process and conduct ourselves well,” he said.

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