Students taught about UN goals

UNITED Nations representatives in the country have been educating students in Port Moresby about its sustainable development goals “to improve lives of PNG people”.
They reached more than 1200 students from Grade One to Grade 12 last month and this month, according to resident coordinator Roy Trivedy.
He said the programme was called “UN4U” and aimed to bring the work of the UN and development issues to schools to build students’ knowledge and expose them to global perspectives.

“This year, the sessions with students focused on the 17 sustainable development goals, a set of global milestones to which the Government of PNG is a signatory,” he said.
“The goals are directly interlinked to lives of PNG people and improving them over a 15-year period.
“Everyone needs to understand the sustainable development goals, how their attainment will improve people’s lives and what it will take to achieve these goals.”
Trivedy said meeting students and discussing the important global and national issues with them was inspiring. “The sustainable development goals aim to leave no one behind. So each of us has a role to play, including students and youth,” he said.
“Education is a powerful tool to build and transform a country through the power of knowledge.”
Schools that participated in the programme included Paradise Private Secondary School, Port Moresby International School, Hohola Demonstration School, Ted Diro Primary School, St Francis Community School and St Theresa Primary School.

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