Digicel staff lend a helping hand

Twenty Digicel staff were on hand to help the celebrations at the inaugural EDAI Town Christmas Fair held last weekend, December 10 and 11.

The two-day fair showcased PNG arts and crafts, fresh fruits, vegetables and other local products. The Digicel team were keeping the children entertained by managing the bouncing castles and face painting booth that Digicel provided to the Fair.

The EDAI Town Christmas Fair 2016 was organised by EDAI Town Development Ltd and was attended by local villagers along the Napa Napa Road.

Director of EDAI Town Development Ltd, Kim Yong, said it was the first time the event had been held and she was very happy with it.


“We will have similar events in the future to celebrate and commemorate events such as Easter, independence celebrations and many others,” she said.

Digicel retail director Lorna McPherson said the Company was delighted and proud to support the event.

“The Fair was a wonderful event that celebrated Christmas with families and profiled the town which they are promoting as having a 4G lifestyle – Gated, Guarded, Green and Global,” McPherson stated.

“By providing the jumping castles and face painting, we were able to provide some great enjoyment and fun for the children, which is extra special at this time of year.”

EDAI Town is located next to Boera Village along the Napa Napa Road towards the PNG LNG plant site. A hand


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